• The National Holiday Notice

    The National Holiday Notice

    October 1st is the National Day of People’s Republic of China. It is the 73rd anniversary of the founding of our New China. We will have 7 days holiday to celebrate our National Day. You are be kindly informed that our office and factory will be closed from October 1st to 7th. During the ho...
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  • What is Genotyping?

    What is Genotyping?

    Genotype is the genetic makeup of an individual cell or organism that determines or contributes to its phenotype. The contrasting terms genotype and phenotype are used to define the characteristics or traits of an organism. The phenotype of an organism describes the physical or physiological feat...
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  • Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice

    Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice

    The Mid-Autumn Festival is also called the Moon Festival or the Mooncake Festival which is the second most important festival in our China. It is a holiday to celebrate the harvest. We will have a 3-day public holiday for our Mid-Autumn Festival, and our office and factory will be closed from Sep...
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  • Beijing Liuyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd Devoted in Student Charity Project

    Beijing Liuyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd Devoted in Student Charity Project

    On the afternoon of August 19, the Chairman Zhu Jun, and the General Manager Wang Jiyou went to Tuoli Middle School on behalf of Beijing liuyi Biotechnology to participate in the charity event organized by the Financial Security Industrial Park for the students in need, and donated 10,000 yuan to...
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  • Agarose Gel Electrophoresis of RNA

    Agarose Gel Electrophoresis of RNA

    A new study from RNA Recently, a research finds that genetic variants that reduce the editing levels of double-stranded RNA are associated with autoimmune and immune-mediated conditions. RNA molecules can undergo modifications. For example, nucleotides may be inserted, deleted, or changed. One of...
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  • Liuyi Biotechnology attended the 57th Higher Education EXPO China

    Liuyi Biotechnology attended the 57th Higher Education EXPO China

    The 57th Higher Education EXPO is held in Xi’an China on August 4th to 8th, which is focus on displaying the education results of Higher Education by exhibition, conference, and seminar, including a range of industries. Here is an important platform to show the fruits and abilities of development...
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  • Custom Manufactured Gel Electrophoresis Equipment

    Custom Manufactured Gel Electrophoresis Equipment

    Have you ever needed a custom service for your gel electrophoresis system project? Or are you searching a factory that can provide a custom-made gel electrophoresis tank or any spares of your gel electrophoresis tank? At Liuyi Biotechnology we are experienced in working alongside our customers to...
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  • What is polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis?

    What is polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis?

    Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Gel electrophoresis is a fundamental technique in laboratories across the biological disciplines, permitting the separation of macromolecules such as DNA, RNA and proteins. Different separation media and mechanisms allow subsets of these molecules to be separate...
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  • What is DNA?

    What is DNA?

    DNA Structure and Shape DNA, also known, as deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule, which is a bunch of atoms stuck together. In the case of DNA, these atoms are combined to form the shape of a long spiraling ladder. We can see the picture here clearly to recognize the shap...
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  • DNA Electrophoresis Common Issues

    DNA Electrophoresis Common Issues

    Gel electrophoresis is one of the major methods used in molecular biology for the analysis of DNA. This method involves the migration of fragments of DNA through a gel, where they are separated based on size or shape. However, have you ever encountered any errors during your electrophoresis exper...
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  • How to Perform DNA Electrophoresis in Agarose Gel?

    How to Perform DNA Electrophoresis in Agarose Gel?

    Here we will describe how to perform agarose gel electrophoresis by our researcher in Liuyi Biotech’s lab. Before the experiment, we need to check the apparatus, reagents, and other experimental materials and tools we need. Preparation of experimental apparatuses and materials The appara...
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  • Our Story

    Our Story

    Who are we? Beijing liuyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd (Liuyi Biotech) is a leading and the biggest processional manufacture specializing in making electrophoresis instruments. The former of Liuyi Biotech is Beijing Liuyi Instrument Factory, which is founded in 1970 with more ...
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