Our main products are electrophoresis cell, electrophoresis power supply, blue LED transilluminator, UV transilluminator, and gel imaging & analysis system.

New Products

  • UV Transilluminator WD-9403B

    UV Transilluminator WD-9403B

    WD-9403B applies to observe gel for nucleic acid electrophoresis. It has a UV protection cover with damping design. It has UV transmission function and easy to cut gel.

  • Western Blotting Transfer System DYCZ-TRANS2

    Western Blotting Transfer System DYCZ-TRANS2

    DYCZ – TRANS2 can rapidly transfer the small size gels. The buffer tank and lid combine to fully enclose the inner chamber during electrophoresis. The gel and membrane sandwich is held together between two foam pads and filter paper sheets, and placed into the tank within a gel holder cassette. Cooling systems consist of an in ice block, a sealed ice unit. Strong electric field arising with the electrodes placed 4 cm apart can ensure the effective of native protein transfer.

  • Protein Electrophoresis Equipment DYCZ-MINI2

    Protein Electrophoresis Equipment DYCZ-MINI2

    DYCZ-MINI2 is a 2-gel vertical electrophoresis system, includes electrode assembly, tank, lid with power cables, mini cell buffer dam. It can run 1-2 small size PAGE gel electrophoresis gels. The product has advanced structure and delicate appearance design to ensure the ideal experiment effect from gel casting to gel running.

  • Protein Electrophoresis Equipment DYCZ-MINI4

    Protein Electrophoresis Equipment DYCZ-MINI4

    DYCZ-MINI4 is a vertical mini gel electrophoresis system designed for fast, simple and rapid protein analysis. It runs both handcast gels and precast gels in different thicknesses, and can up to four precast or handcast polyacrylamide gels. It is durable, versatile, easy to assemble. It includes casting frames and stands, glass plates with permanent bonded gel spacers that simplify gel casting and eliminate leaking during casting.