Our main products are electrophoresis cell, electrophoresis power supply, blue LED transilluminator, UV transilluminator, and gel imaging & analysis system.


  • Electrophoresis Transfer All-in-one System

    Electrophoresis Transfer All-in-one System

    The electrophoresis transfer all-in-one system is a device designed for  transferring electrophoretically separated proteins from a gel to a membrane for further analysis. The machine combines the function of electrophoresis tank, power supply and a transfer apparatus in to an integrated system. It is widely used in molecular biology research, such as in the analysis of protein expression, DNA sequencing, and Western blotting. It has the advantages of saving time, reducing contamination, and simplifying the experimental process.

  • Turnkey Solution for Protein Electrophoresis Products

    Turnkey Solution for Protein Electrophoresis Products

    Beijing Liuyi Biotechnology can offer you one-stop service for protein electrophoresis. Protein electrophoresis is a technique used to separate proteins based on their size and charge using an electric field. The turnkey solution for protein electrophoresis contains vertical electrophoresis apparatus,  power supply and gel documentation system designed and manufactured by Liuyi Biotechnology. The vertical electrophoresis tank with power supply can cast and run the gel, and the gel documentation system to observe the gel.

  • DNA Sequencing Electrophoresis Cell DYCZ-20A

    DNA Sequencing Electrophoresis Cell DYCZ-20A

    DYCZ-20A is a vertical electrophoresis cell used for DNA sequencing and DNA fingerprinting analysis, differential display etc. Its distinctive design for heat dissipation maintains uniform temperature and avoids smile patterns. The permanence of the DYCZ-20A is very stable, you can get a neat and clear electrophoresis bands easily.

  • Horizontal Agarose Gel Electrophoresis System

    Horizontal Agarose Gel Electrophoresis System

    Electrophoresis is a laboratory technique that uses electrical current to separate DNA, RNA or proteins based on their physical properties such as size and charge. DYCP-31DN is a horizontal electrophoresis cell for separating DNA for the researchers. Normally, the researchers use agarose to cast gels, which is easy to cast, has relatively fewer charged groups, and is particularly suitable for separating DNA of size range. So when people talk about agarose gel electrophoresis that is an easy and efficient method to separate, identify, and purify the DNA molecules, and need the equipment for agarose gel electrophoresis, we recommend our DYCP-31DN, with the power supply DYY-6C, this combination is your best choice for DNA separation experiments.

  • SDS-PAGE Gel Electrophoresis System

    SDS-PAGE Gel Electrophoresis System

    Electrophoresis is a laboratory technique that uses electrical current to separate DNA, RNA or proteins based on their physical properties such as size and charge. DYCZ-24DN is a mini vertical electrophoresis cell that can be used for SDS-PAGE gel electrophoresis. SDS-PAGE, the full name is sodium dodecyl sulfate–polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, which is commonly used as a method to separate proteins with molecular masses between 5 and 250 kDa. It is a technique widely used in biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology to separate proteins based on their molecular weight.

  • Hb Electrophoresis System with Power Supply

    Hb Electrophoresis System with Power Supply

    YONGQIANG Rapid Clinic Protein Electrophoresis Testing System consists of  one unit of DYCP-38C and a set of electrophoresis power supply DYY-6D, which is for paper electrophoresis, cellulose acetate membrane electrophoresis and slide electrophoresis. It is a cost-effective system for hemoglobin electrophoresis, which is a blood test that measures different types of a protein called hemoglobin in your red blood cells. Our customers prefer this system as their testing system for thalassemia research or diagnoses project. It is economical and easy to operate.

  • Electrophoresis Cell for SDS-PAGE and Western Blot

    Electrophoresis Cell for SDS-PAGE and Western Blot

    DYCZ-24DN is for protein electrophoresis, while DYCZ-40D is for transfering the protein molecule from the gel to membrane like nitrocellulose membrane in the WesternBlot experiment. Here we have a perfect combination for our customers which can meet the application that experimenter can just use one tank to do gel electrophoresis, and then interchange a electrode module to do a blotting experiment by the same tank DYCZ-24DN. What you need is just a DYCZ-24DN system plus a DYCZ-40D Electrode module that will allow you to switch quickly and easily from one electrophoresis technique to another.

  • Electrophoresis Power Supply DYY-6D

    Electrophoresis Power Supply DYY-6D

    DYY-6D fits for DNA, RNA, Protein electrophoresis. With micro-computer processor intelligent control, it’s able to adjust parameters in real time under the working condition. The LCD displays voltage, electric current, timing time.With automatic memory function, it is able to store the operation parameters. It has protection and warning function for unloaded, overload, sudden-load change.

  • Superior Sample Loading Tool

    Superior Sample Loading Tool

    Model: WD-9404(Cat. No.:130-0400)

    This device is for loading sample for cellulose acetate electrophoresis(CAE),paper electrophoresis and other gel electrophoresis. It can load 10 samples at one time and improves your speed to load samples. This superior sample loading tool contains a locating plate, two sample plates and a fixed volume dispenser(Pipettor).

  • Electrophoresis Power Supply  DYY-8C

    Electrophoresis Power Supply DYY-8C

    This electrophoresis power supply DYY-8C is recommended for basic applications such as general protein, DNA, RNA electrophoresis. It offers timer control and constant-voltage or constant-current output. It has output of 600V, 200mA, and 120W.

  • Electrophoresis Power Supply  DYY-7C

    Electrophoresis Power Supply DYY-7C

    The DYY-7C power supply is designed to provide constant voltage, current, or power for electrophoresis cells. It is recommended for high –current applications. It has an output of 300V,2000mA and 300W. The DYY-7C is the perfect choice for trans-blotting electrophoresis.

  • Electrophoresis Power Supply  DYY-6C

    Electrophoresis Power Supply DYY-6C

    The DYY-6C power supply supports an output of 400V, 400mA, 240W, which is our common product used by our customers. It is designed to apply in DNA, RNA, Protein electrophoresis. We adopt the microcomputer processor as the control center of DYY-6C. It has the following advantages: small,, light, high output-power and stable functions. Its LCD can show you the voltage, current, power and timing time at the same time. It can work in the constant state of voltage, or in the constant state of electric current, and converted automatically according to the pre-assigned parameters for different needs.

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